Mr Lim is a patient tutor who is willing to spend more time to clear any doubts that we have. Notes provided by him are concise thus making them easy to refer to just before the exams. Lessons are also clear and informative as it relates to examples in the world. Concepts taught are explained clearly and the pace of the lesson is just right.

Tan Hui Min, 2011 (ACJC)
Mr Lim is a fun and patient teacher, who takes the time to explain the question until we all understand the solution / topic. He also makes math fun and easy to understand, making maths much more doable. My maths competency increased a lot & I am grateful for that. :) I wished I joined earlier!

Cheryl Chua, 2016 (IJC)
  Mr. Timothy taught me in 2010 when I was still in J2. At that time I had no choice but to look for tuition as my fundamentals were very poor. Timothy was very patient in teaching and went the extra mile to ensure that we fully understand what we are expected to know. Lessons emphasized on letting us understand concepts, not through dogmatic practice, but instead through interactive and engaging learning. After taking on his tuition classes, my results improved tremendously from the grade of S before the tuition to A during my A’levels. I highly recommend taking up his classes.

Neo Kai Xiang, 2010 (PJC)
Mr Timothy Lim is a teacher that is not only passionate about the subject he teaches but also cares for his students. His knowledge is abundant and deep and he teaches in a clear and concise manner. I had the privilege to be in one of his classes a few years back and experienced first-hand the way he conducts his lessons and interacts with students. The environment was fun and conducive as compared to the stressful and dull lessons in school and he will not hesitate to answer any questions the students have with an in-depth and accurate explanation.

Ng Yin Ren, 2012 (PJC)
Mr Lim has always been an ambicable teacher. I appreciate how patient he is because it really helped me digest content. Thank you Mr. Lim!
Trisha Koh, 2017 (AJC)
Cool Math at a good price; snacks included, very nice. :)

Haikal, 2016 (PJC)
Mr Lim has been a great tutor, and is especially understanding even if you are hopelessly unsure about any problem. He is also conveniently contactable and answered questions no matter the time of the day. Thank you for being so helpful and caring, Mr Lim
Anna Aye, 2017 (CJC)
5 months before my A levels, I needed help desperately. No matter how hard I tried to self study and asked tutors for help, my grades remained stagnant. However, after I met Timothy, I began to fully grasp the concepts. Not only did he fed me with the content but he also drilled in me the more important points. He pointed out to me commonly asked exam questions and how we should approach it systematically. Thank you, Timothy, for inspiring and teaching me to study hard and to study smart.
Regent Neo, 2012 (TPJC)
Mr Lim is a very nice, patient and understanding teacher, who is willing to help us out even out of class! He has made me very much more confident in Math and he'll definitely help you too!
Brayden Leo,  2016 (CJC)
The explanations were clear and understandable. Thank you for your guidance for the past years. Thank you for helping me improve in Maths.
Ishaan Muley, 2016 (AJC)
Mr Lim's tuition is da best. When I joined his tuition I was an absolute noob and got U, 35, for mid years and now 3 months later I got B, 61. So what r u waiting for??? Join him now!
Magendran,  2016 (CJC)
Thanks to Mr Lim, I have been more exposed to a greater range of questions, allowing me to be more able to answer questions that are a little harder. I am now more confident in Math and started to like Math more as I understand it better. Thanks Mr Lim!
Aletheia Lai, 2016 (AJC)
Mr Lim is very helpful and patient, His explanations are very clear. Captain Mathematica has been very helpful in boosting my confidence in math. I am now able to tackle math problems more confidently and I enjoy the subject more.
Arfynna Shakira,  2016 (IJC)
Thank you for making math not boring, but actually interesting and applicable in life, and for being patient with us. Thank you Mr Lim!

Ethel Lim, 2017 (ACJC)
Mr Lim is a very approachable teacher, often more than happy to attend to our questions that students may have. His lessons are well-organised and thorough as well as intensive, helping students to reap the most out of his lessons.

Gwennie Choong, 2017 (PJC)
Mr Lim has helped me so much with my math, both during lessons and outside, to the point where I am confident for my A levels.

Alex Joel Lee, 2017 (ACJC)
(Classes here) have provided me more than sufficient exercise to do. Also, the free good and drinks in the pantry are also something I enjoyed! (Mr Lim) provided detailed solutions immediately after tutorial, and he is quite patient and easy-going. 
Aster Ooi, 2017 (PJC)
Passed Math H2 for the first time in one year, just after three months here (with Mr Lim.)!

Ashley Wong, 2017 (MJC)
Mr Lim is a responsive and kind tutor, always willing to help in whenever way he can. Captain Math provided good resources for practice questions, and Mr Lim would go through questions thoroughly in class, answered questions one-on-one whether on WhatsApp or in real-life and showed concern for student's welfare.
Audrie Au, 2017 (HCI)
Mr Lim had been a fun and caring tutor that had made sure that I can keep up and maintain my school's standard. Lessons have given me more than sufficient practice over two years that had ensured I maintained my standard in Math.

Brendan Mah, 2017 (TJC)
Mr Lim is a nice and compassionate teacher that goes the extra mile for each and every student, never failing to encourage every single student with detailed teaching.

Zann Ong, 2016 (IJC)
Mr Lim is a very good teacher and helped me to understand Math for like the first time in forever. Mr Lim is very fun to talk to and very good at teaching and enjoyable to listen to.
Kaushik,  2017 (NJC)
Mr Lim's classes are always interactive and it is not just simply listening to his class one-way, but he gives room to address any uncertain concepts on the spot, which is great! (even if every student have different questions).

Keve Lee, 2017 (YJC)
Mr Lim is the kindest teacher you can ever have, who will check on your well-being from time to time.

Kim Seung Jun,  2017 (PJC)
Mr Lim is a nice guy who clearly knows his stuff well. He helps compile relevant questions that are linked to what is taught in school.

Nigel Ng, 2017 (TJC)
Mr Lim is a fun and caring guy and he is well-versed with the H2 syllabus. I would come back if given another chance.

Lim Jing Cheng, 2017 (SAJC)
Mr Lim has been very helpful in going through the lesson with us, espcially when I do not understand some of the topics. He is always open for consults and answers our doubts. He is also very friendly and approachable!

Ramya , 2017 (JJC)
Mr Lim is a very caring and fun teacher. He is always very helpful and will respond what seems to be 24/7. But more than helping in math, he builds a passion for math, which makes math fun for a change.

Raditia Kusuma, 2017 (TPJC)
Mr Lim is a patient and passionate tutor.He never fails to smile. He is very engaging and always buys us meals. His lessons have allowed me to challenge myself to attempt questions out of the ordinary. In lessons, I am always free to raise my doubts and better my understanding. It has helped me raised my confidence in the subject greatly!

Si Jian Xiang, 2017 (SAJC)
Mr Lim's lessons have been a massive help in improving my mathematical ability. His explanations of points are clear, and the problems he provide are both challenging and varied in breadth. Also, Mr Lim tries his best to answer all questions even after class! Thank you Mr Lim for all you've done!

Ryan Tan, 2017 (NJC)